Atlanta Bathtub Refinishing

Atlanta Bathtub Refinishing

If your bathtub is worn out, damaged, or just isn’t the same beauty it once used to be, then be sure to contact us at Atlanta Bathtub Refinishing. Refinishing your bathtub will never be this easy — our team of professionals offers an affordable and gorgeous alternative for bathtubs that have seen better days. No matter what the situation, we’ll be able to breathe new life into your bathtub while saving you hundreds of dollars in the process. 


Our bathtub refinishing process will transform your outdated bathtub into an oasis.


We can also refinish the walls that are surrounding your tub to transform them as well.


Perfect if your tub is in good condition but just deeps a stain removed or deep cleaning.

“Our new bathroom looks amazing!”

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How Much Does it Usually Cost to Refinish a Bathtub?

Sometimes referred to as “resurfacing” or “reglazing,” the refinishing process can provide your old bathtub with a fresh new look. Usually, it’s a much cheaper option compared to replacement, which means you can give your bathroom an update at a lower price.  Call now. to schedule a no-obligation free quote.

Atlanta Bathtub Refinishing can fix the following problems:


Dealing with an outdated finish and color


Bathtub discoloration and stains


Moldy and dark grout lines


Unappealing chips, cracks, and damage


Leaking and cracked fiberglass

Is Bathtub Refinishing Worth it?

Buying a new bathtub can be very pricey, not just when it comes to money but also with time. There’s so much more you could be doing in your spare time rather than browsing through home improvement stores for hours just to find the right tub. There’s also the issue of what to do and how to dispose of your old tub, which can be a real pain. 

Bathtubs are extremely heavy, and it would take a lot of strength, care, and energy to get them out of your bathroom and through your front door. This job is not easy, and it can also be dangerous while leaving a huge mess behind. All of this time and energy can be saved by calling us to refinish your old bathtub. 

Moreover, all kinds of home renovations will cause you some kind of inconvenience — a major bathroom renovation will be especially inconvenient. You’ll have to endure a few days with a non-functional bathtub while the new one is being installed and everything is just all over the place. You’ll also need to deal with all the noise that comes with it. 

Fortunately, you won’t have to deal with all these problems when you work with us. If you’re looking to reglaze your bathtub, you can expect to have everything finished in less than a day. Rather than having a nightmare in your home, you’ll find a clean and gorgeous bathroom that’s accented by a beautifully refinished bathtub. 

Is it Cheaper to Refinish a Bathtub or Replace it?

When you choose to have your tub refinished, you’ll be able to save in more ways than one. If you’re tired of your old tub and would like to give your bathroom a facelift, then it’s best to refinish a bathtub rather than replace it. So instead of replacing your old bathtub with a new one, you can save money by simply refinishing it. 

The cost of having to take out your old tub to have it properly disposed of, along with having to buy the new one that will replace it, will cost a lot more than you think. Luckily, refinishing can save you from this headache, and you may even significantly raise your home’s value. Be sure to check our wide range of bathtub refinishing options and choose a look that suits your home. 

When you hire us, we’ll make sure that your bathtub is the center of attention and that you get the results you want.

Does Bathtub Resurfacing Last?

At Atlanta Bathtub Refinishing, the repair process we provide will generally extend your bathtub’s life by up to 12-15 years or more. To do this, just follow the recommendations of the bathtub manufacturer and use basic maintenance and care. Our team does not recommend the use of abrasive or harsh cleaners, instead opt for a more green-friendly approach when cleaning your bathtub. 

Give us a call today at Atlanta Bathtub Refinishing, Where we can save you hundreds of dollars for the removal and replacement of your bathtub and others. If you’re considering having your bathtub refinished, be sure to call us and save up to 75% off. Call our number now to speak with one of our specialists — you won’t regret it! 

What is the Difference Between Reglazing and Refinishing a Bathtub?

In technical terms, reglazing refers to the final step that goes into the tub restoration process or the professional coating. When a bathtub’s surface has been filled, repaired, and smoothed over with buffing, it will be ready for a fresh coat of paint or glaze coating spread throughout the surface as the final finish and seal.

On the other hand, refinishing refers to the whole process of restoring a bathtub, which includes resurfacing, reglazing, and repairs. This is the word that professionals most use to describe a whole project from start to finish.

The biggest difference between bathtub reglazing and bathtub refinishing is that the latter talks about the whole project while the former talks about the commercial coating used at the very end of the process.

How Many Times Can a Bathtub Be Reglazed?

A bathtub can, in most cases, be reglazed even if it has been reglazed before. Depending on the integrity of the glaze that is currently in the tub, it may need to be stripped before reglazing again, which can raise the price. But in other cases, we can simply sand the topcoat smooth, scuff it with a scotch brite pad, clean it thoroughly and reglaze it right over the top of the previous reglaze.